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Chris, Kelly, & The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company

Welcome to The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company! We provide the highest quality ballroom dance lessons available in a healthy, fun, and inclusive environment. Whether you are learning to social dance, have desires to compete in Dancesport Competitions, or are preparing for a special event or wedding, our highly-trained staff of professionals can fulfill all of your dance needs!

The benefits of ballroom dancing can be appreciated and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or experience. It's a great way to exercise and stay in shape, spend time with a significant other, meet people and make friends, learn a social skill for parties and special occassions, perform showdances, or fullfill a dream of being a competitive dancer. We have created a school with a unique educational process, where each student's dance goals can be achieved through practice and instruction.

Our instructors are DVIDA certified and their continued education and certification creates the foundation of the quality instruction you will experience at The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company. Our expert instructors won't just teach you ballroom dance steps, they will teach you the skill of social dancing sucessfully.

Contact us today to try a free group class, visit our dance studio, meet the instructors, and see firsthand how we teach!

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Kimberley Mitchell

The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company is hosting private coaching and a workshop with Kimberley Mitchell February 13th-February 14th! She is a 2 time United States Professional Latin Champion. Come learn from the best!


Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships

The competition students are preparing for Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships, a part of the Four Season's Challenge. Wish them well as they prepare and are away April 24th-28th in Milwaukee, WI.

Student Spotlight

Christine Kuznar

The Student Spotlight is featuring Christine Kuznar. In her own words:

Shannon Kuznar, our daughter, prompted us (me and my husband) to learn to dance. I’ve always loved dancing but I never knew there would be an opportunity to learn to “really” dance… and then Shannon joined Purdue’s Ballroom Dance Club in her freshman year of college in 2011. Seeing her so passionate and joyful on the dancefloor inspired Larry and me to learn more about dance. In 2012-2013 we took ballroom dancing lessons so that we could better understand something so important to Shannon. We learned the foundations of most ballroom dances, and then Shannon came home to Fort Wayne to pursue her Master’s degree in 2015. Shannon found the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company and began dancing with the multi-talented Tony Didier. He was such an excellent balance for my daughter’s serious scientific and analytical side. We had an up-close chance to see Shannon and her dedication to ballroom dance. Shannon, I think, saw how much I was enjoying watching her. She had an insight that learning dance in a more in-depth way might be something I’d enjoy too. For Mother’s Day in May of 2017 she gave me more than a Mother’s Day gift, she gave me the gift of dance with the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company. Tony became my dance coach too, and it has been a wonderful experience. He lets his joy for dance and theatre be known from the moment you meet him. Shannon gifted me a month of lessons with Tony that May of 2017 and since that day I started private lessons in earnest, I haven’t stopped, and don’t intend to stop dancing.

In addition to the simple joy of dance I have had my life enriched in many ways. The dance community that the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company has fostered is a rare and precious thing. I love the physical and mental challenges that dancing has given me over the last year. While I’m dancing I can think of nothing but what I’m trying to learn, and that mental break helps me to keep balance in my life. My fellow students and I all realize we are trying something new, and for most of us, outside our comfort zone. This creates an environment of support and fellowship that was an unexpected pleasant surprise to me.

I enjoy my individual lessons with Tony, but it’s always a pleasure to take Group Classes and gain friendships with fellow intrepid dancers. Finally and probably most importantly my family has been so supportive of me pursuing dance, it has contributed immeasurably to my enjoyment. My husband even recently put his dance shoes back on and performed a showcase dance with me “Wanted Dead or Alive”. It is something I’ll never forget!

I love how the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company staff have learned about me as a person. Each member of the staff has taken the time to learn a little about me. Every one of them.